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Donate to support nonprofit journalism today and get a limited edition Rewire News Group gift! This column is published in partnership with Scarleteen. Most of the time at school I will see a cute guy and want to sleep with him. Is it normal to be horny at my age 14 and do boys want to have sex with me too? As we get near or into puberty, our sexuality tends to become both more private — as in, we start to want more privacy around our bodies and sexuality — as well as more social and usually begins to include the desire to be sexual with others.
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Sexuality, Teens and Technology

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I'm 14 and sure my boyfriend wants sex: but is now the right time? | Scarleteen

Just because someone might want something from someone else doesn't mean it's right for that other person, either person, or that the time when they want it is the right time for it to happen. Few people in their early teens have a lot of what is needed in order to have healthy and satisfying sexual lives with partners, especially when they include kinds of sex that present high risks of sexually transmitted infections , pregnancy or heavy negative social outcomes. Some of not having what's needed is about not having the same legal rights and resources as older people do. Some of it is about just getting started in discovering your sexuality, and learning how to manage it and how to manage love or sexual relationships. Think of it, perhaps, like learning to drive: you wouldn't take an 8-wheeler out on the highway before you had a lot of practice with side streets and a car that wasn't the size of a house first, right?
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I'm 14 and sure my boyfriend wants sex: but is now the right time?

The counsellor can wait up to 2 minutes. They have been waiting:. Concerned about confidentiality? Why not ask the counsellor you chat to about this? Please stay on our website so that you know when a counsellor is ready.
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First of all, give up on the idea that it's going to happen the way you plan it -- fruitful conversations with adolescents rarely take place when and how their parents want them to. If you're the one who brings up sex, don't be offended when your child looks horrified that you did so. At least now she knows you're willing to discuss it. Remember how much she both does and does not want to talk about sexuality with you of all people -- who, as her parent, are not supposed to have any of your own. Try to stay open to her overtures on the subject because when you least expect it -- say, at at night, as you're trying to get her to turn off the stereo and go to sleep -- you may find yourself answering an important question or exploring a delicate topic.
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